Port facilities

Bergen is a centrally located, modern cruise port with a large capacity. Bergen offers all services required for turnarounds.

Bunkers delivery/method: YES, by car/boat

Waste water method: By car – ordered by the shipping agent

Pilot: Channel 13

Emergency: Channel 16

Medical emergency: Phone 113

Tidal movement: 1.2 m

Beam: No limitation

Max number of passenger per day in port: No limitation

Max number of ships per day in port: 4 – 6, depending on the ship sizes

Ships stay min /max: No limitation

Environmental limitations/restrictions: Reception facilities for grey water and sewage

Port facilities according to Cruise Norway’s guidelines: YES, as far as possible




Maximum ship air draft if bridge: 63,5 m

Crew Facilities: Internet access

Distance to nearest pilot station nautical miles/hours:

Pilot bookings are made electronically in the SafeSeaNet Norway messaging service






Maximum ship length

Skolten North: 333 m

Skolten South: 330 m

Bontelabo: 133 m

Tollboden: 109 m

Festningskaien: 300 m

Jekteviken: 500 m

Dokken: 240 m


Maximum ship draft and depth in sea

Skolten North: 9.2 m

Skolten South: 9.2 m

Bontelabo: 9.2 m

Tollboden: 6.8 m

Festningskaien: 6.0 m

Jekteviken: 12.2 – 9.0 m

Dokken: 10.5 m



Max 15.000 GT

Type of bottom: Sand

Minimum depth: 20.0 m

Distance from anchorage

to tender pier: 600 m


Quay Length Draft Height Quayside

Skoltegrunnskaien 664 m 9.2 – 7 m 1.20 – 1.50 m

Bontelabo 331 m 9.2 – 7.2 m

Festningskaien 300 m 6 – 5 m

Jekteviken 500 m 12.2 –8.7 m

Dokkeskjærskaien 450 m 10 – 5.7 m