Use of scrubber while at Port of Bergen

Use of scrubber as an alternative to low sulphur fuel

Ships operating within the SECA area must, from January 1., 2015, use fuel with a low sulphur content (0,1%).  A scrubber can be used as an alternative to low sulphur fuel while at Port of Bergen, preferably as a closed system, having no effluents to sea. This includes «Closed Loop» or «Dry systems» scrubbers.

We advice ship owners not to use «Open Loop» scrubbers. Current knowledge indicates that imposing limitations on wastewater discharge generated by scrubbers is the best way to prevent the potential damage which results from their use.

This conclusion is based on the findings in the report «Impacts of Scrubbers on the environmental situation in ports and coastal waters» published by the German EPA in 2015.

Port of Bergen, Bergen City and the Environmental Protection Authorities are currently conducting a major marine sediment cleanup operation. We strongly advise shipowners to respects this work and act accordingly.


Revised 24/3-2017