Leisure boats

Welcome to the Port of Bergen!

Please find the brochure Welcome to Port of Bergen where you will find safety and fire protection – and mooring principles for inner Vågen

The service centre for leisure boats is located on the 2nd floor in the building at Zachariasbryggen, where there are toilets, sinks, showers, washing machines and tumble dryers.  Entrance facing towards the fish market.
Access cards: NOK 60.00 can be purchased at the Tourist information or from the harbour inspector. Receipt regarding paid harbour fees must be presented on request from Port of Bergen.

Quay fees:
  • For the period April the 1st – September the 30th:
    Yachts/leisure boats under 15 meters which are not used for commercial actitivites NOK 200 per days (including VAT)
  • Vessels over 15 meters you will pay NOK 300 per days (including VAT)
  • Supply of electricity to all pleasure crafts/leisure boats you will pay NOK 100 (incl. VAT) per days
  • Without valid payment receit you will pay NOK 500 per days

    These prices are applicable when using the cash payment machine. If settling by cash or invoice, the rates will increase – rates shown in «port charges» will apply.  
    If you wish to stay for a longer period than 7 days, it must be agreed in advance with Port of Bergen.  Leisure boats may be required moved within Vågen by Port of Bergen at short notice.


There is a credit card payment machine where you can pay for quay fees and electricity, at Torgutstikkeren. At Torgutstikkeren and Bryggen you will find faucets for fresh water, which is free of charge. Waste containers are located at Torgutstikkeren and Bryggen.

A recycling station for emptying toilets is located at Holbergskaien.
A recycling station for hazardous waste at Munkebryggen.

If you should require another berth than the berth’s shown in the map, please contact Skolten Port Control. Tel +47 5556 8980 mobile +47 959 89 980, or by e-mail: skolten.havnevakt@bergen.kommune.no

Please remember that disposing of waste into the sea and along the coast, is strictly prohibited.

Images can be downloaded from  www.visitbergen.com/fotoservice

Enjoy your stay in Bergen!