New CEO appointed for Port of Bergen

Published juli 13th, 2017

Johnny Breivik (50) is appointed as the new CEO for Port of Bergen. Breivik will assume the position on 1 October.

Havnerådet, which is the governing body of the port authority Bergen og Omland Havnevesen (BOH), has on recommendation from the Board of Directors appointed Johnny Breivik (50) as Port of Bergen’s new CEO. Breivik is replacing Inge Tangerås as CEO.

Johnny Breivik is currently Chief Fire Officer for the municipality of Bergen – a role he has held since 2011.

– I am highly motivated for the job, and look forward to getting to know the organisation and becoming part of the team tasked with developing the new port authority, says Johnny Breivik. One objective will be to build a strong organisation well positioned to support further development of port facilities and associated activities. Working in the intersection between politics, management, and business is something I consider a dream role.

Johnny Breivik will assume the position on 1 October.

It was also by unanimous decision that Havnerådet today appointed Breivik as new CEO of Port of Bergen.