Onshore Power Supply (OPS)


The Onshore Power Supply connection point at Skolten delivers 50 or 60hz and 440 or 690V. One cable reel provides two cables with a length of 30 m each.

Voltage kVA Number of cables Current per
Total current
440V 250kVA 1 328 328A
440V 500kVA 2 328 656A
690V 390kVA 1 328 328A
690V 750kVA 2 314 628A

Relevant voltage and frequency can be selected from a panel next to the cable reel.



The current energy cost is NOK 1,00 ex. vat/ kWh (september, 2015). The price may be adjusted, depending on the market development.



The port needs a statement showing that the ships shore power interface is in conformity with IEC 80005-3. The statement can be issued by the company in charge of the ship side shore power installation.

If directions regarding how to connect is required, contact Port Control for guidance.