Booking system and booking criteria

A new digital booking system will be launched summer 2019.

The availability of this will be announced separately.

In order to access the new booking system, and request a booking, each cruise ship will have to pre-assess its EPI-score through a digital solution/portal. Through this pre-assessment (estimated EPI-score) each cruise ship has to declare that the information that is given is correct.

For assistance in completing either the pre-assessment of a ships EPI-score through the web-based portal or the completion of the web-based departure form please contact Dag Sandal, Principal Consultant, DNV GL – Maritime. Phone: + 47 416 25 335, e-mail:

The booking criteria are as follow:

  1. Shore power
  2. Turn around calls
  3. EPI

In order for Port of Bergen to confirm a requested booking the cruise ship has to comply with one of the three criteria.  Priority will be given as outlined above.

The new booking criteria will apply to all bookings from 1st of May 2019.

Currently, the port is confirming booking requests until 2023. Bookings will be confirmed 30 months in advance, meaning bookings for 2024 will be made available form 1st of July 2021.

Further, an online calendar showing availability will also be launched. Through this calendar one will be able to see availability on any given day. The online calendar will be available through our website.

Existing confirmed bookings will be respected.

Previous/Existing confirmed bookings will be respected.