A consortium of Norwegian cruise ports, in collaboration with DNVGL, has developed a new approach in characterising cruise ships’ environmental imprint called Environmental Port Index (EPI).

Port of Bergen links the EPI with fees regarding cruise ship arrival in Port of Bergen. This includes quay dues, passenger fees, ISPS-fee and fairway dues.

EPI awards a score to each cruise ship for each call on the basis of a defined evaluation of that vessel’s environmental performance while in port. This score is subsequently converted in to an adjustment factor applied to the port fees. The aim is to reward responsible environmental performance.

On departure each ship will be asked to complete a web-based form, providing information about energy consumption and other details. The data will be reported into a central database held at DNVGL, who will act as a hub for data collection, quality control and index (score) calculation. The ports will only have access to the final score of the ship.

See the price list for information concerning how EPI is linked with the port dues and fees.

Please note that the following decision is incorporated into the 2019 price list for Port of Bergen:

Ships equipped with shore power according to IEC80005-1, if reporting an EPI score below 30 after a visit, will be treated as if the ship had an EPI score of 30. The motivation behind this is to avoid penalty for ships which potentially could connect to shore power if available in Bergen.

Contact EPI

For user support for ship owners including establishing access to the portal for registration of ships and departure reports:

Peter David Allen , Consultant, DNV GL, Maritime Advisory Bergen, phone: + 47 98 67 35 65, e-mail: peter.david.allen@dnvgl.com

For preliminary assessment of ships in relation to booking:

Even Husby, Head of Environment, Port of Bergen, phone: + 47 451 82 019, e-mail: even.husby@bergenhavn.no