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The first cruiseship of the year

Today, Viking Star arrives in Bergen as the first cruiseship og the year. The call is a so called turnaround call, which means that the journey ends and begins in Bergen. This year we have 49 turnaround calls in the Port of Bergen. The Port of Bergen welcomes the turnaround calls, and we are actively working to get more turnaround calls to the city.

Shore Power for cruise ships is on its way in Bergen

Construction of the new shore power plant for cruise ships is now under way at Skoltegrunnskaien in Bergen. When the new facility is ready in May next year, it will be able to supply three cruise ships with power from land simultaneously. The facility will be the largest of its kind in Europe. – Shore […]

Oversiktsbilde cruiseskip i Bergen VPB Media

Introducing changes to the booking criteria

The Port of Bergen is removing the preliminary EPI-assessment criteria to simplify the booking process. Instead, the Port is to adopt IMO NOx Tier I as a booking criteria.

Port of Bergen is granted 50 million NO as investment support for establishing shore power facilities for cruise vessels in Bergen

Enova, a state owned grant scheme, grants 50 million NOK in funding as investment support for establishing a shore power facility for cruise vessels in Bergen “We are extremely pleased with the decision to grant funding. It is a necessary for establishing Europe’s largest onshore power supply in Bergen as early as 2020” says Johnny […]

Introducing further restrictions for cruise ships in Bergen

The city council in Bergen is set out to restrict the maximum number of cruise passengers to 8000 and number of cruise ships to 3 per day.