Berth bookings, prices and terms and conditions

As a result of the increase in number of cruise ships and passengers that are visiting Bergen there has been some criticism from residents of Bergen, politicians and the media. The criticism is mainly concerned with air pollution from the vessels. Public attention to cruise ships’ environmental impact comes in part from the fact that cruise ships are highly visible and in part because of the industry’s desire to promote a positive image. Consequently the Council concluded in a meeting on the 24th October 2018 to commence a process of finding legislative framework that will allow for restricting the maximum number of cruise ships to 3 and cruise passengers to 8000 per day.

Port of Bergen is working on several measures to ensure that the Council’s aim of restricting the maximum number of cruise passengers to 8000 per day is realised, and will enter into a dialogue with the Cruise Lines. However, Port of Bergen will respect prior bookings, meaning that on some days throughout 2019-2010 the city might experience more than 3 ships and 8000 passengers. The initial aim is for a clean and emission-free port in Bergen. Port of Bergen’s aim is to work together with both the Council and the Cruise Lines in ensuring that the cruise industry also has a place in Bergen in the forthcoming future.

Furthermore, by introducing EPI, Port of Bergen is hoping to attract environment-friendly ships. Starting from 1st of May 2019 Port of Bergen will link the EPI with fees regarding cruise ship arrival in Port of Bergen. This could potentially mean that cruise ships with the most severe environmental imprint will pay less, whereas the most environment-friendly cruise ships can expect to pay less.

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