Booking system

Introducing changes to the booking criteria


The Port of Bergen is developing the Environmental Port Index (EPI) as a tool for environmental characterisation of cruise ships while in port. The departure reporting of EPI for each cruise call is seemingly going well.
As a result of the implementation of EPI the port recently revised its booking system for cruise calls and introduced three booking criteria. Each ship must comply with one of the following criteria, based on availability, for the port to confirm a requested booking:

1. Shorepower interface according to IEC80005-1; or
2. Turnaround call; or
3. A preliminary assessed EPI score above 30

Opposed to the EPI departure reporting, the preliminary EPI-assessment has for various reasons not been an effective booking criterion. The main reason is that EPI is a complicated index that need to be relayed from agents to itinerary planners to technical people and so on. The port is acknowledging that the preliminary EPI-assessment is too complicated to function efficiently as of today. Consequently, the port is removing the preliminary EPI-assessment criteria to simplify the booking process.

However, it is still in the port’s interest to incorporate an environmental constraint as part of the booking criteria. By analysing various options, it was found that the best option is to adopt IMO NOx Tier I as the third booking criteria. The port has been in dialogue with several cruise lines that have all expressed that this is a sensible and achievable third criteria.

In practise this means that the booking criteria will be as following:
1. Shorepower interface according to IEC80005-1; or
2. Turnaround call; or
3. NOx Tier I engines or equivalent

The Tier 1 criterion will apply to all bookings from 1. January 2022. Tier I was introduced for ship construction date on or after 1 January 2000. According to the 2018 statistics, approximately 1/3 of cruise ships calling at Port of Bergen have a ship construction prior to 2000. Those ships that have an equivalent engine to NOx Tier 1 will have to document this when requesting a booking.
It is important to note that the change in the booking criteria will not affect the
environmental performance reporting for cruise ships on departure. Each ship will be asked
to complete a web-based form, providing information about energy consumption and other
Confirmed bookings will be respected.
Even Husby, Head of Environment, Port of Bergen, phone: + 47 451 82 019, e-mail: