Plug becomes the new name of the shore power company that the energy company BKK and Port of Bergen own together, which until now has been named Bergen Landstrøm AS.

“Bergen Landstrøm was a name with a durability date, and now we are changing it to Plug,” says general manager of the company Thor Andrè Berg.

As before, the company is a joint venture owned 50/50 by Bergen Port and BKK, and with the same goal. We will contribute to the green shift through cheaper and faster development of shore power. Plug has now taken over the shore power plants and projects that Port of Bergen started. The company offers shore power to supply vessels and the coastal route with four quay facilities in different parts of Bergen. Two new quays with a total of five new delivery points will be ready during the spring. In addition, we will also establish a really large facility to supply the cruise ships with high voltage shore power before the summer of 2020.